Custodian Of Medical Records for Dr. Rhonda J. Myers

Your Patient Files

Morgan Records Management is now overseeing patient records custodianship and releases. Please know that patient confidentiality is always a priority. Patient releases will be handled respectfully and in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Thank You

After 30 years in practice I have decided to retire and spend more time with my family. I have had a wonderful career. I thank you for all the years you have trusted me with your medical needs. I appreciate your loyalty throughout these years. Taking care of you and your family has been an honor for me and my staff. I will take the memories of all that I have experienced with me into my retirement.

Your continuing wellness and health are priorities for me. If you need assistance in locating another physician you should contact your primary care physician, health insurer, the local medical association (Orange County Medical Association at 949-398-8100) or your local hospital referral line. It is important that you continue with appropriate medical care; therefore, you should establish contact with another physician/allergist as soon as possible.

My last day seeing patients will be Thursday November 11, 2021. After November 11, 2021 all of your medical records will be safely on file at Morgan Medical Records Management, 159 Frontage Road, Manchester, NH 03103. They will be the official custodians of your records until 7 years after the date of your last visit (or for my pediatric patients for 1 year after they turn 18). You may request a copy of your medical records for a nominal fee paid to Morgan Records or Morgan (go to medical records tab then Request My Records). Also, you may contact the medical records department at (office 833-888-0061 option 3). They will provide you with a HIPAA-compliant authorization form to fill out online to enable you to request your records online without having to manually print the form.

Please note that there may be a transition period from the time I close my office to the time Morgan Records Management has access to my charts. If my name/practice is not on the provider list, it means they do not have access to my records. Once they have access to my records, my name/practice will be put on the provider list and you can request your records.

I wish you the best,

Rhonda J Myers MD, PhD

Notes For Patients

After closing your records have been transferred to Morgan Records Management. They will continue to maintain your records in accordance with applicable confidentiality and security standards, and with other applicable laws.